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Whispers From Heaven Shirley Jo Petersen
1. To You My Friend
2. Breath of Life
3. Quiet Rest
4. Living Water
5. Dance Of Freedom
6. Dreams Do Come True
7. All I Want To Be Is With You
8. There Will Be Peace
9. Greater Than You Imagine
10. I Love You More Than This
11. Daybreak
12. Oh Yes I Know Who I Am

When God touches our lives, we are often moved to respond.
While writing the book The Whisper, I would frequently be awakened with music playing in my head. At that time, I would leave my warm bed and go to my Yamaha keyboard. There, I believe I experienced a marvelous connection with the Almighty, as I felt Him play through my fingers. This occurrence was exhilarating and humbling, and became a refreshing relief from writing. I realize the music was God’s special gift to lift and encourage me personally. With gratitude, I am happy to share this special music with you.
Shirley Jo Petersen 

For more of Shirley’s inspirational music visit www.happyheartsmusic.com
“Peace”, “Heart To Heart”, and “Kris” 
are a few of her beloved favorites.

Recorded by: Jeff Gardner at Tamarack Studios 


CD $15.00 Buy It

I would like a chance to win this album.

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