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Waiting For a Train Jeff Gardner
1. Waiting For a Train (Rogers)
2. El Paso (Robbins)
3. The Long Black Train
4. Sara Hogan (Lowell)
5. So Lonesome I Could Cry (Williams)
6. The Old Home Place (Webb, Jayne)
7. King of the Road (Miller)
8. Night Rider's Lament (Burton)
9. Butcher's Knife
10. Battle of New Orleans (Driftwood)
11. Depot In the Sky (Jones)
12. The Trains of Evart (Robinson, Holder)
13. When Autumn Ambles In (Bozeman, Gardner)
14. Get Back on the Glory Road (Jones)
15. Come On Home (Gardner, Cooper, Junker)

Jeff Gardner- Bass, Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica, Mandolin, Percussion  and Lead & harmony vocals (in other words, Jeff is solely responsible for every sound on this CD, sound don't try to blame anyone else ;^)

This CD features custom hand built guitars that were built by Lew Fowler. Some of which are for sale. Below is a guide to where certain guitars were used.

Track #       features guitar

1 - #12 was used to play the solo

2 - #13 as lead guitar 
2 - #10 as secondary rhythm on count one
2 - #12 as main rhythm

4 - #12 as main rhythm guitar 
4 - #13 as guitar playing the higher cross picking

7 - #13 was the only guitar used

8 - #12 was the only guitar used

9 - #10 was the only guitar used

12 - #10 was the only guitar used


CD $15.00 Buy It

I would like a chance to win this album.

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