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Sold That Hog for a $50 bill Dale Hafer the Singin' Auctioneer

1. The Auctioneer 2Mb    ( Vandyke, Black)         2:46
2. Today I Started Lovin' You Again 2.2Mb       3:01
    (Haggard, Owens)
3. Paper Roses(Torre, Spielman)        3:06
4. Got No Reason Now for Goin Home(Russel)2:52
5. Crazy Arms(Seals, Mooney)             3:15
6. On the Wings of a Dove    (Ferguson)         3:08
7. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again    2:57
    (Walker, Sullivan)
8. Charlie's Shoes(Baham)             3:16
9. Swingin' Doors    (Hays, King)         3:23
10. Good Hearted Woman(Jennings, Nelson)    3:09
11. Family Bible(Buskirk, Breeland, Gray)        2:40
12. Old Country Church 1.7Mb(Stanley, Stanley)    2:24

Dale Hafer - Lead Vocals, Rhythm & Steel Guitars
Jeff Gardner - Bass, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, drum loops and Percussion
Phil & Joyce Leonard - Background Vocals
Mark Cooper - "Piano" & "Accordion" & computer wizardry
Jeff Junker - Drums

Recorded October - December 1999
at Tamarack Studios, Evart, Michigan
by Jeff Gardner


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CD $15.00 Buy It
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I would like a chance to win this album.

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