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Lee Barnes

Pam Bowman

Bill Bryant

Mare Carson

Mike Carson

Al Castor

Millie Castor

Rodney Colmus

Dave Conley

Bill Cooper

Mark Cooper

Sandy Cooper

Kim Emelander

Floyd Fox

Leona Fuerneisen

Alma Gardner



Connie Gardner

Jeff Gardner

Dale Hafer

Scott Hicks

Dee Hoffman

Sandy Holder

Leonard Klinert

Jim Leiter

Jerry Mawhorter

Dave McNeil

David Miller

Chuck Miner

Al Nelson

Dale Pridgeon

Willow Robinson

Leon Seiter

Don Sherman

Andy Stanley

Doug Trembath


Lynn Truman

David VanHuis

Derico Watson

Fred Welch

Eldon Whitford

Don Zinger

Pat Zinger

Rags 2 Riches

photos that I took of comets back in 1996-97.
Recent photos of the Northern Lights

Telescope photos of the Moon.

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