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Leon Seiter Nashville Memories
1. Rags to Riches 2:10
(Adler & Ross) Saunders Publishing ASCAP
2. Someone On Your Phone 2:05
(Clyde Nix & Leon Seiter) Mitten Music BMI
3. What’s the Matter With Me 2:14
(Clyde Nix) Mitten Music BMI
4. Control 2:33 
(Leon Seiter) Mitten Music BMI
5. Let This Moment Last Forever 2:48 
(Leon Seiter) Mitten Music BMI
6. What Is This Man 2:18
(Howard Walker) Mitten Music BMI
7. Never Again 2:17
(Howard Walker) Mitten Music BMI
8. Shadows of a Honky Tonk 2:34
(Howard Walker) Mitten Music BMI
9. Mr. Jones 2:43
(Howard Walker) Mitten Music BMI
10. Sentenced to Live 2:50
(Howard Walker) Mitten Music BMI
11. Changes 3:47
(Black Sabbath) Tro-Essex ASCAP
12. You Can Always Count On Me 3:10
(Geoff Seiter) Lanies Pride BMI
13. Its A Long Way Through Kentucky 3:07
(Bud & Buddy Spicher) Mountain Run Publishing BMI
14. Love Is Just a Game 3:02
(Leon Seiter) Mitten Music BMI
15. Jimmie Rodgers Last Blue Yodel 2:20
(Jimmie Rodgers) Peer International BMI
16. To Make My World Go Round 2:10
(Leon Seiter) Mitten Music BMI

This CD contains restorations (most from vinyl) of some of the recordings Leon has made in Nashville from 1962 through 1983. We have done our best to clean up the sound of them but a couple are still a bit scratchy. Great music though and well worth a listen. 


check out Leon's web site for his latest appearance calendar

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Leon Seiter is a rare individual. He has made a living in music his entire adult life. Not many people can make that claim. We see so many ‘one hit wonders’ who have their fifteen minutes of fame and then disappear from music to work as accountants or at Burger King. You probably don’t remember or have never heard Leon’s name. But he has sang with some of the best. This CD contains some of the recordings that Leon sang lead on over the years. Most were recorded in Nashville with Nashville’s best musicians backing him up. A couple of these tunes, like Rags to Riches or Mr. Jones may sound familiar to some of you. Leon had some success with these ‘singles’ and they received a fair amount of airplay back in their time. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Leon never made it big. But he didn’t let that stop him from pursuing his dream and living a very colorful life. We gathered these songs up from the old singles and albums that we could locate to create this collection. (The master tapes seem to have been lost over time.) We have applied the latest in digital restoration to get them sounding as good as ever. We hope you find them an enjoyable and entertaining stroll through recent history. Some of the musicians featured on these recordings are: Willie Akerman-drums, Tommy Allsup-guitar & bass, Fred Carter Jr.-guitar, Curley Chalker-Steel, D.J. Fantania -drums, Doyle Grisham-steel, Roy Huskey Jr.-bass, The Jordanairs -vocals, Kenny Malone-drums, Weldon Myric-guitar & steel, Bob Moore-Bass, Bill Prusell-piano, Leon Rhodes-guitar, Pig Robbins-piano, Geoff Seiter-guitar, Buddy Spicher-fiddle & cello, C. Styrene -vocals and Wanda Vick-mandolin



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