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Remind Me Jim & Jan Leiter
1. Lisa Jane
2. Man In the Middle
3. Remind Me
4. When the Wagon Was New
5. I Could Make it One More Day
6. You Were Only Foolin' Me
7. Greensleeves
8. It Rains Everywhere I Go
9.  Brand New Tennessee Waltz
10. Left Over Bisquits
11. Goin' Home
12. Come and Dine
13. Rossi Waltz
14. Everybody's Reachin'
15. My Happiness

Jan Leiter -Voacal & Guitar
Jim Leiter - Vocals, Mandolin, Fiddle & Guitar
Gene Hanna - Banjo
Jeff Gardner - Bass

CD $15.00 Buy It

I would like a chance to win this album.

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