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An Evening with

The Gospel Gathering

1. What a Day That Will Be (J. Hill) 2:39
2. Don't Take My Cross Away (Rambo) 3:04
3. Jesus Signed My Pardon (unknown) 2:19
4. It Won't Rain Always (Gaither) 2:58
5. He Is My Everything (Harrison) 3:18
6. Longing to See Jesus (Harless) 3:45
7. I Want to Stroll Over Heaven With You (J. Lemley) 2:49
8. Please Let Me Walk With You Jesus (Cansistraci) 4:00
9. Depends On the Hands (unknown) 1:52
10. The Sweetest Song (G. Jensen) 2:33
11. The Song That Never Ends (Hinson) 3:47
12. On the Jericho Road (S. McCrossan) 3:24
13. Into His Presence (unknown) 3:25
14. When God Seems So Near (Gaither) 3:19
15. Thank-You (S. Isaacs) 3:19
16. Are You Expecting Jesus (D. Rich) 3:18
17. I'll Be Somewhere Listening (V. O. Stamps) 2:52

 The Gospel Gathering is a unique group of soloists, duets, trios and full gospel choral group. our literature states under the direction of Roger Beilfuss.

Roger Beilfuss, vocals, #2     group leader 
Marcia Beilfuss - "Nuggets" #9 
Dennis Roush - vocals,#8,11,16  6-string guitar 
Wilma Roush - vocals, 12-string guitar 
Raul Luna - lead guitar 
Estella Luna - vocals #5  
Jack Vander Henst - bass vocals, live sound engineer 
Gloria Vander Henst - vocals #4,15  
David Morrison - vocals #8,      bass guitar 
Almost Home
Millie Gillette - alto vocals #7,13 
Juanita Vander Vlught - vocals #7,13 
Sears Trio
Lou Lloyd - alto vocals#3,10        piano 
Joyce Hillier - lead vocals#3,10 
Donna Maddern - tenor vocals#3,10

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The Gospel Gathering, "A Group of Groups". Our sole purpose is to be a blessing and encouragement to people through singing and testimony to the goodness and greatness of our Lord and Saviour. If you would like information on booking, please contact Marcia Beilfuss at:
P.O Box 62
Chase, MI 49623



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